This article provides a high-level overview of Winston's mobile app and how to navigate it. Winston's mobile app provides a mobile-friendly view of your dashboard and allows you to install "Mobile Protection", a way to protect your phone even when not at home on your Winston's network! 

We have dedicated articles specific to installing, using, and troubleshooting Mobile Protection: 

Installing and Using Mobile Protection on iPhone

Installing and Using Mobile Protection on Android

Troubleshooting Mobile Protection and Port Forwarding

Part 1: Installing the App

Visit the App Store and search for "Winston Privacy" and download the app.
Visit the Google Play Store and search for "Winston Privacy" and download the app.

Part 2: Login

Once you have downloaded the app and opened it, you will the login screen. If you have already created an account and set up your Winston(s), please enter your account email and password. If you have not set up your Winston and don't have an account, please skip ahead to Part 3

Part 3: Create a New Account (If Applicable)

If you already have an account, skip this section. If you have not set up your Winston, you likely don't have an account yet. You will need to select 'Create a New Account' and enter your email, name, and password. Once you have entered a password, you will receive a one-time 6 digit verification code in your inbox of the email you provided. In some instances, it may take a few minutes to arrive. Please also check your spam/junk folder. 

Please note that your password must have -
- at least one upper and lower case letter

- at least one number

- at least one special character, e.g. %,$,#, etc.

- at least 8 characters total

Once you have created an account, you will be taken through a mobile-friendly installation guide for your Winston! 

Part 4: Device Menu

Once you have logged in (and already have your Winston hardware set up), you will see the main device menu where you can see all of your Winstons if you have more than one. If you are on your Winston's network or have Mobile Protection enabled, your Winston will be  "Connected" and you can see the status of its core features. If you are not on your Winston network or have Mobile Protection enable, your Winston will show "Lost Connection".

To manually refresh the device menu, pull down on the screen. 

Note: The Mobile Protection toggle will only be displayed if you have Mobile Protection installed on your phone!

Part 5: Device Dashboard

To access your device dashboard, click on your Winston from the Device Menu. The Device Dashboard is a mobile version of the desktop dashboard ( 

From the dashboard, you can - 

-  View the status of Filtering, Cloaking, and Mobile Protection

-  Enable (or disable) your Winston 

-  Edit domain settings

-  Install compatibility modules and filters

-  Tweak your advanced settings

Part 6: Mobile Protection

Mobile Protection is one of the biggest features of the mobile app. It provides your phone with Winston's protection...even when not at home. When enabled, it routes all your phone's traffic through your home's Winston as if you were physically there, which means you can enjoy all of Winston's privacy benefits no matter where you are. 

We have dedicated specific articles to installing and troubleshooting Mobile Protection. The links are below: 

Installing and Using Mobile Protection on iPhone

Installing and Using Mobile Protection on Android

Troubleshooting Mobile Protection and Port Forwarding