Some users who have a combination modem/router devices or gateway may encounter trouble when first utilizing Winston's mobile application and will require some additional configuration within their device. If you encounter that you are unable to connect to the VPN feature through the application you will need to apply a port forward within your combination modem/router to Winston.

You will first be able to log into your combination device, if you are unsure of the address to log in, this is often posted on a sticker on the device similar to the following image:
Note* This will often provide the username and password of the combination device as well.

Once you have logged into your combination device you will have to proceed into your Firewall tab then into Port Forwarding.

Once you had navigated to the Port Forwarding section of your combination device, you will need to create two separate port forwarding rules for Winston's mobile application.

500500Wan Address of Winston*UDPWinston VPN
45004500Wan Address of Winston*
Winston VPN

Note* You will be able to find the WAN Address of your Winston through the following link