Filters determine the status of most domains on your domain list. Winston manages and updates these filters regularly.  Winston recommends a combination of filters to balance privacy and performance, but you can customize the behavior of your Winston by selecting a different set of filters.  

Please note that selecting additional filters provides extra protection at the cost of network speed and compatibility.

Filtering Mode can be toggled from the Dashboard.

High Compatibility: High Compatibility filtering utilizes a core set of blacklist and fixes.  This setting ensures significant privacy protection while still maximizing performance and compatibility across the web.  This is the default setting.

Aggressive: Aggressive filtering is, as its name implies, more thorough than high compatibility mode.  It activates additional filters for further protection, blocking more tracking and advertising scripts and domains.  Users might notice more compatibility issues when activating Aggressive filtering.

Custom: Within the Privacy Settings of the Winston Dashboard, you can activate even more filtering options via Advanced Filters.  Please note that once again, activating these filters will likely reduce performance and increase the likelihood of compatibility issues with various websites, devices and services.