In the US, there are no public IP "dragnets" (otherwise known as passive surveillance). While ISPs can and do reply to subpoenas from law enforcement agencies for internet activity, these subpoenas have to be grounded in reasonable prior suspicion of illegal activity. We have communicated with several attorneys and ISPs about this.

An individual who has a scrambling device on their network such as ours will effectively shield themselves from accusations based on network-level internet activity. They may even have legal basis for excluding internet activity as a source of evidence on the grounds that if one is actively taking steps to secure their data, it cannot simply be considered as discarded. It is thus not in the public domain (similar to the difference between burning your trash vs leaving it out on the curb for anyone to legally rummage through).

Winston does not route protocols commonly used for copyrighted or otherwise illegal content over the privacy mesh network. If one has a need for this, they should use Tor.

Finally, you can always turn that feature off and still enjoy greatly enhanced privacy protection and improved internet experience.