Live View is a powerful feature of Winston that allows you to view internet traffic requests on your network in real-time and see Winston in action. It's also a great way to understand how Winston works! 

To get started, you can access your Live View by navigating to your dashboard here and selecting "Live View" in the navigation bar.

Sample Display of Live View 

As you can see, there is a continuous stream of internet traffic displayed as it runs through Winston. 

What do all these fields mean?

Time The time of the request 
The host domain of the request, e.g. if you visit a website, you are making a request to that website's server
The request's port usually designates where a request needs to go for processing once it reaches the end destination's server. There is no port displayed if the request is blocked.
EndpointThe endpoint is the IP address of an anonymous Winston node on the Privacy Mesh Network that the request is being routed through. This is done to cloak the origin of the request. This field is empty if the request in not routed over the Privacy Mesh Network
Result The result is what Winston did with the request.

Whitelist: The request was let through Winston without protection (except DNS encryption). Domains are typically whitelisted either for compatibility purposes or they have very low privacy risk.

Blocked: The request was blocked from leaving your network. Winston blocks most host domains associated with ads, trackers, and bad actors.

Cloaked: Your request was routed through an anonymous Winston on the Privacy Mesh Network.

Uncloaked: Your request is routed over your local network, not through the Privacy Mesh Network. Winston's other privacy features are still applied, such as DNS encryption, cookie scrambling and anti-fingerprinting (if you have the browser extension installed). A request will be uncloaked if: 
1) your Privacy Mesh Network is off
2) your Privacy Mesh Network is on but doesn't have any (or enough) peers yet
3) the host domain is low privacy risk and your Privacy Mesh Network is set to "High Risk Sites Only" in advanced settings

A quick description of the result
Client ID
The client ID is a unique identifier of a client on your network that made the request. It can be a device, app, browser, etc. A single device can potentially have multiple clients. 


At the bottom of Live View you have the ability to filter Live View down by host domain, client ID, or even port. 

How do you change the result of a host domain within Live View?

Sometimes you may be trying to diagnose a compatibility issue, such as a website not loading properly or a device not working how you would expect. This is where the real power of Live View comes in. As an example, you can visit a website you are having trouble with while watching Live View to see the various requests going out. You can then tweak different requests' domain settings while refreshing the website to see if the website is fixed. 

To quickly change a host domain's setting and the result going forward, you can click on the icon to the right of result:

 You will see the domain setting options for either Protect, Whitelist, or Block:


You wish to add privacy protection to the domain. Winston will attempt to route any requests to the domain over the Privacy Mesh Network (depending on your Privacy Mesh Network settings). It will appear as Cloaked or Uncloaked on Live View. 


You wish to let the domain through without privacy protection, usually because of compatibility reasons or the domain is low risk. Any requests to the domain will appear as Whitelist on Live View. 


You wish to block any requests to the domain from ever leaving your network. We typically block any domains associated with ads, trackers, and other bad actors by default. Any requests to the domain will appear as Blocked on Live View. 

Besides changing a domain setting directly within Live View, domain settings are primarily determined by the filters you have selected (we select several for you by default). Domain Settings will also change if you whitelist websites from the browser extension, install compatibility modules, or manually add or edit domain settings in your privacy settings

What if no requests are showing up in Live View? 

Typically, if you do not see any requests in Live View, your Winston is disabled or request interception is off. In order to check this, please navigate to your advanced settings here

1. Check to make sure "Enable Winston" is toggled on. 

2. Check to make sure "Intercept HTTPS Traffic" and "Intercept HTTP Traffic" are toggled on. 

You may need to wait a few seconds after changing the settings for requests to appear in Live View.

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