What are compatibility modules? 

Some websites, apps, and devices rely on high privacy risk services that Winston blocks by default. For users who wish to accept use of these services and fully enable these websites, apps, and devices, compatibility modules, or "modules" for short, are available for install in the Winston dashboard. 

When you install a module, you are whitelisting or unblocking a pre-packaged list of domains to improve compatibility with whatever website, device, or app you may be having trouble with. No need to manually add several domains to the whitelist - installing a module does it automatically!

We, along with our community, are constantly adding new compatibility modules to our library to improve the compatibility of Winston with everything on your home network. 

How do I install a module? 

Modules are available for install in your dashboard under the "Modules" section: 

The modules library will appear: 

To install a module, you can search for the website, device, or app that you are having trouble. Then simply toggle it on to install: 

Video Tutorial Links

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