*** Updated on 7/24/2020 ***

Anticipated release date starting on: July 20, 2020

Hello valued customer and Winston supporter, 

This notification is to inform you that we will be releasing a new version of firmware for your Winston in the next couple of days. As your Winston automatically updates, you will get the benefits of all of our newest enhancements, improvements, or bug fixes that will make your internet experience even better. Below is a summarized list of what is included in this new release version. 

 ** All Winston devices with active subscriptions will receive this update. **

This release includes new feature enhancements, and several bug-fixes that address performance and stability issues.


  • Improved treatment on unrecognized protocols, resolving streaming issues on sites like Roku, Redbox, or via Smart TVs
  • NEW - Dramatic improvement and hardening of DNS miss-configurations, mitigating instances where the Dashboard may not be found, Winston shows disabled, ads are passing through or slow connection speeds on initial connections to websites
  • Corrected whitelisted traffic routing by direct IP addresses
  • Resolved blocked sites from being allowed by Smart Blocking rules
  • Resolved Slow HTTP load times that would cause delays or the inability to connect to websites, local admin interfaces on some routers or thumbnails on YouTube TV/ Amazon/ Netflix
  • Increase speed for traffic over the P2P network (mesh)
  • Added "Reveal" support for uncloaking rules
  • Other small bug fixes - as always.


  • Resolved Dashboard widgets from partially loading, or loading with missing stats
  • Improved logging and Live View by revealing traffic on ports other than 80/443
  • Better host name identification
  • Improved de-duplication of browser/firmware requests
  • Improved stability and prevents freezing
  • Removal of 10 minute view timer
  • Corrected Time of Day configuration to clear stats per local timezone


  • Corrected Time of Day configuration to clear stats per local timezone

If you have any questions, or experience any issues, please contact Winston Support at support@winstonprivacy.com.

Thank you for supporting Winston.

For additional reference, here are some helpful links:
- Website: https://winstonprivacy.com/
- Winston Dashboard: https://my.winstonprivacy.com/dashboard
- Winston Support FAQ: https://support.winstonprivacy.com/support/home
- Submit a new ticket: