Anticipated release date starting on: July 5, 2020

Hello valued customer and Winston supporter, 

This notification is to inform you that we will be releasing a new version of firmware for your Winston in the next couple of days. As your Winston automatically updates, you will get the benefits of all of our newest enhancements, improvements, or bug fixes that will make your internet experience even better. Below is a summarized list of what is included in this new release version. 

 ** All Winston devices with active subscriptions will receive this update. **

This release includes new feature enhancements, and several bug-fixes that address performance and stability issues.


  • Sites waiting to be assigned privacy risk scores were routing locally (uncloaked). These now route over P2P until their privacy risk score is determined.
  • Improved local bandwidth measurements
  • Speedtest sites are uncloaked by default to provide less confusing results
  • Winston process restart increased from once per week to 2x/week in order to clean up resources
  • Outdated client information is periodically cleaned up to recover disk space
  • Improved network settings to reduce periodic disconnects over TCP
  • Improved network settings to improve RAM usage and performance over time
  • Fixed connections to Azure, Amazon and Google cloud services where they were not always closing, resulting in performance degradation over time.
  • Other small bug fixes - as always.


  • None


  • Improved OAuth detection in the web extension, resulting in fewer failed logins and infinite redirects on protected sites.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues, please contact Winston Support at

Thank you for supporting Winston.

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