Anticipated release date starting on: May 18, 2020

Hello valued customer and Winston supporter, 

This notification is to inform you that we will be releasing a new version of firmware for your Winston in the next couple of days. As your Winston automatically updates, you will get the benefits of all of our newest enhancements, improvements, or bug fixes that will make your internet experience even better. Below is a summarized list of what is included in this new release version. 

 ** All Winston devices with active subscriptions will receive this update. **

This release includes new feature enhancements, and several bug-fixes that address performance and stability issues.


  • Introducing support for combination all-in-one modem/routers.
  • Improved the speed of acquiring peers over the P2P mesh network in NAT'ed and Firewall scenarios.
  • Made general improvements to memory and CPU usage by further optimizing system resource utilization.
  • Added IBM Quad 9s as backup encrypted DNS service providers.
  • Other small bug fixes - as always.


  • Master toggle and Cloaked status may show off while Dashboard is loading, replaced with loading indicators.
  • Modified privacy settings options seen during Setup process by removing the Advanced option and adding Fast mode.


  • Improved performance in Chrome by reducing background encryption overhead
  • Extension detects more rapidly when joining or leaving a Winston network
  • Improved website compatibility by greatly reducing number of resources which remain blocked when whitelisting or disabling Winston. 
  • Added toggle to advanced settings to disable all extensions. Web extensions will now toggle off if Winston is disabled via the master switch.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues, please contact Winston Support at

Thank you for supporting Winston.

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