Anticipated release date: March 30, 2020

Winston will automatically update its firmware when new versions are released.

This is a feature enhancement release, combined with several bug-fixes that address performance and stability issues. All Winston devices with active subscriptions will receive this update.


  • Greatly improved reliability for cloaked and whitelisted requests, resulting in far fewer failed webpages or network device issues.
  • Resolved an issue whereby memory usage gradually built up, causing an occasional restart.
  • Implemented bandwidth throttling to prevent high usage as seen by an ISP for P2P data sharing traffic.
  • Improved the P2P Disable function to ensure mesh traffic is suspended.
  • Enhanced the setup process for automatic secondary DNS detection. The setup website will attempt to detect network routers that are configured with secondary DNS settings and alert the user if found.
  • Other small bug fixes - as always


  • Dashboard Tour - The dashboard now has a "Tour" feature to show you what's what.
  • Module Recommendations - The new version will auto-detect modules and update its recommendations once per day. You will be able to select these on the updated Setup website (and soon, the modules page on the dashboard).


  • None