To install Winston with a Luxul router there are a few changes that will need to be made within the customer interface of the router and within the config file.

Once logged into your Luxul you will need to change the primary DNS to

1) Login into your Luxul device
2) Within the admin page, there should be an option for administration
3) Click on Backup/Restore
4) Within you should be able to download a backup file
5) Open the backup file once downloaded, navigate through the folders /ETC/Config.
6) Click through the file until you reach file ETC and open
7) Open the file called DHCP
8) In the DHCP file, you should see something similar to the below text. Find the line for rebind and change the field to have a zero instead of a one similar to the image below

9) Save the file after applying the change
10) Upload your edited files by going back to the Administration tab on your Luxul, select RESTORE and select the newly altered file