Some homes (typically in apartment buildings or where there is a fiber optic internet service line) only have a router indoors because the line coming into the wall jack is already modulated/demodulated. If you are unsure whether your networking device is just a router or a combination modem/router, you may wish to search for the make and model online or contact your Internet Service Provider.

For reference, the most common fiber providers by country:

US: Verizon FiOS, AT&T Fiber, Earthlink, CenturyLink, Crown Castle Fiber, and Frontier Communications.

Canada: Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, Telus Internet, and MNSi Telecom

UK: Virgin Media Fibre DOCSIS 3, BT Fibre Optic, Sky Fibre Optic, and TalkTalk Fibre Optic

Note: AT&T Fiber and Google Fiber both use their devices to authenticate the network, so they are treated as combination modem/routers and will need to be placed before Winston. Installing Winston

If you're unable to resolve the Winson Dashboard you will need to log into your router and set the primary DNS to with no secondary or tertiary DNS set.

Note: Having an active VPN connection will result in the inability to access the Winston Dashboard.