Anticipated release date: December 15, 2019

Winston will automatically update its firmware when new versions are released.

This is a major release that substantially improves the user experience in all areas of Winston's system:


  • Improved compatibility for devices including Xbox, Plex, PS4, and others without needing to modify port forwarding rules, as a result of a change that will allow inbound connections to pass through Winston's firewall unimpeded if there's only one upstream IP address. More complex setups may require port forwarding.
  • Tuning of the Privacy Mesh Network resulting in an increase in the number of Anonymous Exit Points and Cloaked Bandwidth Available. If you have NAT on the WAN side of Winston, such as from a firewall or a combination modem router, this will double the number of possible connections.
  • Elimination of some reported intermittent outages with various stability improvements.
  • Faster speeds for Winstons on fast connections, due to optimization of traffic routing over the Privacy Mesh Network.


  • Migrated the dashboard to HTTPS. As a reminder, each Winston's logs are still stored only locally.
  • Improved load times.
  • Added a redirect from the old dashboard to the current dashboard at
  • Improved the accuracy of the of the Cloaked Bandwidth Available statistic.
  • Added a new Privacy Mesh Networ report with latency measurements, available here: 
  • Fixed an issue where selecting one filter may have automatically selected additional filters.
  • Improved error handling in the setup process.
  • Prevented the Requests Per Day from being cut off after 100,000 trackers.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.


  • Eliminated NTP drift, resulting in the time reported on the dashboard getting out of sync, various outages, and some otherwise unexplained behavior.


  • Reduced incidences preventing users from using a site after whitelisting by modifying the timing.