Some users have noted that Winston sometimes blocks the Playstation server, causing both its internet connection to and its NAT type fail on a PS4.

This procedure usually eliminates this error:

1. Make sure that and are whitelisted

2. Unplug the PS4 completely (need to ensure a hard restart)

3. Disable Winston by going to -> Advanced Settings. Turn off 'Enable Winston' and turn off 'Use Privacy Mesh Network'. Click'Save Settings'.

4. Plug the PS4 back in and turn on. Go to the Network Settings and hit 'test internet connection'. You should have a NAT Type now (likely Type 2). 

5. Enable Winston by going to -> Advanced Settings. Turn on 'Enable Winston' and turn on 'Use Privacy Mesh Network'. Hit 'Save Settings'. 

6. On the PS4, select 'test internet connection' again. The NAT Type should be the same as the previous test.