Estimated release date: September 15, 2019

Winston will automatically update its firmware when new versions are released.

These releases have several changes that substantially improve the user experience. Items users will immediately notice include:

  • Faster connection handling and improved stability.
  • A searchable database of Compatibility Modules available at With the Modules functionality, users can easily apply fixes to their privacy settings for sites, devices and apps they wish to use, that Winston would otherwise block. Modules will continue to be added and modified over time.

Additional improvements include


  • Improved: Connection handling, to prevent delays and stabilize connectivity
  • Fixed: Device could be rendered inoperable when Winston was disconnected from power rapidly after updating Advanced Settings
  • Fixed: Excess resource usage caused in rare situations by Chrome extension.
  • Fixed: Port forwarding rules weren't always properly saving.


  • Improved: Provided guidance during the setup process for users with routers whose DNS servers don’t resolve to Winston’s DNS.
  • Improved: Several minor fixes to messaging to improve user experience