Estimated release date: July 26, 2019

Winston will automatically update its firmware when new versions are released.

This is a major release with many key improvements users will note, including primarily:

  1. Broadly improved compatibility and connectivity
  2. Increased stability of the Distributed Privacy Mesh Network
  3. A Live View of Winston’s activity via the Dashboard, allowing users to see real-time handling of domain requests.
  4. Transition of the Dashboard to, providing dramatically improved loading times while still keeping a users’ data locally hosted and not shared outside their network.
  5. Additional options to assist with troubleshooting, including a way to disable Winston’s functionality (not including browser extensions or firewall functionality) with one toggle.

Additional improvements include:


  • Improved: Provided ability to search clients and sort domains in the What’s Running Report.
  • Improved: Added Serial Number to the footer of the main Dashboard page.
  • Improved: Hover text added throughout to provide improved understandability of the dashboard elements.
  • Fixed: Searches of Allowed Sites with no results didn't previously appear to ever finish.
  • Fixed: The Site Report was not loading properly.
  • Fixed: Total Bandwidth was not always reporting correct information.
  • Fixed: Users weren’t able to delete all third-party filters.


  • Improved: Reduced RAM usage by 50% by disabling unused rules.
  • Improved: Prevented Chrome’s CSP policies from occasionally bypassing anti-fingerprinting protection.
  • Fixed: Streaming intermittently failed after a short period of time.
  • Fixed: Firefox and other clients were hanging on HTTP 301 redirects.
  • Fixed: Some fingerprinting attempts were not being logged.

Distributed Privacy Mesh Network:

  • New: An option to prevent HTTP traffic from being routed through the Distributed Privacy Mesh Network, an advanced setting for users who would prefer to have unencrypted traffic route directly from their home IP, but that significantly weakens privacy protection for legacy devices and is not recommended for most users.
  • Improved: Nodes will now immediately disconnect from unresponsive remote peers and peers that fail verification checks.
  • Fix: Winston occasionally crashed while making TLS connections.
  • Fix: Some nodes were prevented from sharing bandwidth.