v1.1.0 is a major release that delivers many performance improvements, bug fixes and security enhancements of the Winston private network. This release is incompatible with earlier versions, so users may experience reduced connectivity to the privacy mesh network until this update is installed.

This updated is expected to be pushed to all users by May 22, 2019.



* Improvement: Reduced data usage on the Winston privacy mesh network.

* Fix: Bandwidth detection recently stopped working, resulting in slow network speeds or disconnects.

* IP Addresses are now resolved to their hostname prior to routing decisions. This enables whitelisting of AWS Compute endpoints used by Netflix, security camera and other services.

* Improvement: Optimized local device connection tracking tables to improve maximum bandwidth limit.

* Improvement: Spammy devices (Instagram app, Amazon TV, Snapchat and many others) attempt to DOS their way out of the network when blocked, resulting in general network slowdowns. Requests which are repeatedly blocked are now throttled to reduce their impact on overall service.

* Improvement: DNS server was experiencing slowdowns under extreme traffic conditions.

General Privacy

* Hidden TrendMicro URL logging services should be blocked. This logging service was discovered running on TP-Link routers.

* Improvement: Aggressive browser fingerprinting attempts are now logged and adversely affect each site's privacy score.



* Improvement: Improved accuracy of "data savings" estimates.

* Fix: P2P Bandwidth was frequently being underreported.

* Improvement: Correctly report clients running in Ultra Mode

* Fix: Occasional pauses seen on the winston.conf website

* Stability of the local metrics database has been improved when running on networks with a lot of traffic.

* Fix: Adding a path to a domain name while whitelisting would remove the site from the whitelist. Paths are now ignored.

* Fix: Some hostnames being parsed incorrectly in the "What's Running" report.

Chrome Extension

* Improvement: Whitelisting in Chrome has been greatly improved. Orphaned child iframes may not whitelist.

* Fix: Temporarily whitelisted sites are not loading ads and other resources.

* Anti-Fingerprinting Protection is now enabled in Chrome.

* Fix: Internet temporarily disabled if Winston goes offline.

* Improvement: Chrome Extension detects connectivity to Winston more quickly.

* Improvement: Cookie filtering was not disabling for whitelisted sites.

* Temporarily removed unused Advanced Settings page. This will be enabled in the upcoming v2.

Firefox Extension

* Fix: HTTP requests occasionally dropping or hanging in Firefox extension.

* Fix: Firefox sometimes displays "You must login to this network"

* Speed of Firefox Anti-Fingerprinting Protection is improved. In particular, the "extension is slowing down your browser" error should be fixed.

* Improvement: Google Maps page load time was slow when using Firefox extension.

* Temporarily removed unused Advanced Settings page. This will be enabled in the upcoming v2.


* Fix: Windows 10 sometimes reports that the internet is disconnected when it is not.

* Fix: AOL Mail now added to default whitelist.

* Fix: XBox connectivity problems.

* Fix: Xfinity iOS app not allowing streaming.