Disabled TLS interception option. This setting was intended for research purposes only and causes serious performance and compatibility issues with Google (BoringSSL) devices. TLS Interception is inherently less secure than application and network level filtering as well.

FIXED: Identified issue where devices sending invalid port numbers in TLS Server Name Indication fields would have their packets forcibly dropped by Winston.

FIXED: Winston will no longer rewrite HTTP requests and responses at the network level. This includes forced upgrades of HTTP 1.0 to HTTP 1.1. This modification is intended to address issues with supporting legacy devices.

FIXED: Blink camera system was not working in v1.0.5.

FIXED: Tivo won't install or download guide.

FIXED: Seeing occasional TLS errors when hitting These errors are being caused by Winston, not Expedia.

Improvement: Reduced CPU utilization of main process to reduce resource pressure and improve stability of device.

Improvement: Address inadvertent flooding attacks caused by blocked Instagram and Amazon services. These devices attempt to reconnect rapidly and for long periods when blocked.

Improvement: Chrome extension takes up to 5 minutes to detect when it has connected or disconnected from a Winston network.

Improvement: Reduced RAM and CPU footprint of internal database to improve overall stability and performance.

Improvement: Extensions now respond more quickly when sites are whitelisted or blocked on the main winston.conf administration website.

Improvement: Recognize closed connections on the privacy mesh network more quickly. This will reduce the incidence of slow or broken page loads when nodes disconnect.


To Confirm:

Improved interoperability with cable modems. Winston was not being immediately recognized by some cable modems, even after a reboot. We have improved DHCP discovery to assist these modems in auto-detecting Winston.

FIX: Lacrosse weather gateway won't connect to monitoring services.