Note: v1.0.5 is a major hotfix which addresses compatibility and stability problems reported with earlier versions.


* Fixed HTTP websockets connection errors - this was causing intermittent errors in chat sessions and many desktop and mobile apps.

* Reduce memory usage of internal stats logger to improve stability and speed. This fix is intended to minimize CPU and RAM utilization caused by blocking of tracking intensive sites such as Instagram.

* Fixed: temporarily whitelisted and revealed sites would sometimes not reset properly in browser extension.

* Improvement: When temporarily bypassing a blocked site, wrapped redirect URLs are allowed for three seconds. This allows Google and other ads to function properly without requiring the user to bypass each individual redirect URL.

* Improved performance of browser extension.

* Implemented new anti-fingerprinting techniques for five common tracking APIs

* Disabled script injection and other page modifications of unencrypted HTTP pages in standard mode. This was breaking some iPhone/Android mobile apps and other mobile apps. These anti-privacy protections have been fully migrated to the Winston browser extension.

* Users can now remove single domains from the global white and blacklists using the dashboard.


* Waze routing now works on Winston network.

* Adult Swim streaming app confirmed working on Android.

* Google Drive / Backup & Sync confirmed working on Windows.

* Prime Video app on Samsung TV confirmed working.

* Occasional slow streaming speeds on Netflix / Samsung TV resolved.

* Slow download speeds / disconnects while downloading apps on Google Play store (Android) confirmed fixed.

* NBC Android app confirmed working.

* Occasional websocket endless loop from and filling up local logs and causing high CPU activity.

* Fix: "Allow" button on blocked tracker page was occasionally not working in Firefox.

* Fix: Blocked tracker counter now de-dupes blocked requests so we don't double count blocked or modified cookies on each request. This gives a more accurate view of how much Winston blocked on the current page.

* Enabled HTTP/2 and QUIC protocols for faster page load times on sites that support it.

In Progress

* Some routers are not recognizing Winston when first plugged in. Broadcast Winston gateway and DNS settings to allow them to connect faster.

* Implement date/time syncing (NTP service)

Known but not fixed

* Tivo and other connected services which send invalid HTTP requests are currently being blocked by Winston. We are working on a fix.