Notes on the upcoming Nov 30th planned release:

* Cut privacy mesh network latency in half by implementing new intelligent routing algorithm. This updates allows Winston to make better use of connection pooling and avoid redundant TLS handshakes and DNS lookups.

* Improved performance from encrypted DNS lookups, especially during periods of network congestion.

* Improved device stability.

* Fixed bug which was resulting in aggressive blocking of third-party cookies. This resulted in additional captcha challenges and other unpredictable behavior.

* Implemented fix for "The CW" Android app streaming videos. We are still seeing issues on iPhone if the app is installed while Winston is activated. This is due to an attempted install of an advertising library. If the app is installed while not connected to Winston, it will function properly afterward. In addition, many streaming video ads will be blocked.

* Verified Nest learning thermostat compatibility.

* Fixed problem with Google news infinite redirects. Was also affecting other Google properties.

* Google searches no longer require you to navigate through a redirect page.

* login page can now be successfully whitelisted.

* Improved LinkedIn compatibility. Can now access without whitelisting.

* Removed obsolete mobile user agents from identity cloaking function.

* Mobile browsers no longer triggering redirect pages on Google searches.

This is a work in progress. Check back for updates!