We were experiencing some issues with the P2P network this weekend which you may or may not have noticed. This was due to a development node being deployed using Go v1.11.2. As it turns out, our codebase is only seemingly compatible with this version of Go and as a result, the affected node was misbehaving. Other Winston nodes figured out pretty quickly that the affected node wasn't acting right and usually routed around it. 

At the same time, we also brought on a node with a limited uplink speed in order to test what effect this would have on the network. Similarly, other nodes are routing around it as intended. However, this has helped us to identify some better approaches for adapting to heterogeneous network conditions. Once implemented, nodes will be smarter and faster at prioritizing the fastest and most reliable partners with whom to exchange bandwidth.

Thanks again for your participation. You are helping to generate a huge amount of learning in a very short timeframe!