Winston uses a combination of sophisticated filtering techniques to protect your privacy, and it does so for both incoming and outgoing data:

  • Traffic analysis – Winston automatically assigns a privacy risk score to each site, blocking unnecessary connections that pose the greatest threat to your online privacy.

  • Block lists – Winston automatically blocks connections to sites known as security threats, and is equipped with a managed blacklist — 90,000+ tracking and malware sites are blocked by default. This list is completely customizable, so you can add your own sites to the blacklist and/or choose from well-known third-party blocklists and filters, including EasyList.

  • Encrypted DNS – Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use DNS lookups to spy on you and generate metadata profiles. For instance, if you install a connected glucose meter in your home, your ISP will be able to see this and deduce that a diabetic is in the family. They can and do sell that information to third parties. Winston automatically encrypts the DNS lookups of all the devices on your network, preventing your ISP from tracking your browsing activity, and protecting your devices from pervasive DNS Rebinding attacks.

  • Distributed Privacy Mesh Network - Winston automatically routes both inbound and outbound traffic through numerous other Winston devices, selecting new peers every 10 minutes. Your traffic is mixed anonymously with that of other users, making it impossible for trackers to connect individual users with their IP addresses.

The Winston browser extension adds:

  • Cookie blocking and modification – Winston automatically modifies or blocks suspicious tracker cookies, protecting your browser history from prying eyes.

  • Anti-fingerprinting techniques – Winston automatically detects and blocks sophisticated browser fingerprinting techniques, which exploit manufacturing differences between otherwise identical hardware devices to determine who you are, even if you’re blocking cookies, browsing in incognito mode, or using a VPN. As an example, watch this video (no audio, yet!) demonstrating cookieless surveillance methods that are being used to track you even in Incognito Mode, and how Winston blocks them.

Please note that changes to Winston’s default settings will affect one or more layer of security.