Winston is a hardware device.  The device sits inline with your router and protects every device on your WiFi — all computers, tablets, phones and internet-enabled devices.

Winston also has a software component.  Software in Winston is updated on an ongoing basis to insure that your protection is current, and there are browser extensions that allow you to manage your privacy on-the-fly while on the internet.

Winston provides you with optional access to a virtual, distributed private network with no logging. This network scrambles your internet activity with those of up to 30 other users, making it incredibly difficult to correlate your IP address with your physical location.

Most importantly, Winston opts you out of invasive internet surveillance that compromises your security and identity. Winston resets the norm and makes internet privacy settings work for you — not on behalf of surveillance tracking.  

Along with privacy, you get a cleaner browsing experience with no ads that also results in a faster browsing experience. Winston removes a massive amount of extra code from websites — tracking code that compromises your privacy.  Because your browser doesn't have to process that extra code, pages load significantly and noticeably faster.

If you've used VPNs, you know they tend to be slow. Winston is not. Winston stops the junk (advertising, tracking and other annoyances), which means your computer and network have to do less work. Less bloat means faster browsing speeds. Please note that requests which are served over the optional privacy mesh network may be a bit slower than your usual speeds but this is usually not noticeable. In fact, even with the privacy mesh network active, many pages load up to 70% faster with Winston.

For more information on how Winston works to provide a more secure and private Internet experience click here