Because no VPNs are used, Winston is compatible with most streaming services (like Netflix and Hulu), so there’s no more getting blocked.

Winston’s default is to provide all its privacy protections on ordinary web traffic (ports 80 and 443), but large data transfers (including stream video and software updates) are routed locally instead of through the Winston network to provide faster download speed, and therefore are not completely anonymous to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Large data transfers don’t include tracking information other than your IP address.

For example, if you go to Netflix or IPTV, your activity on the site will be routed through the Winston network, but the actual video won’t be. The streaming experience is a lot better this way than it would be on a 100% encrypted network.

When downloading or uploading large files, when Winston identifies it as a large file the download will fail, but will work on the second attempt.

Some Winston users may choose to continue to use a separate VPN to provide privacy related to downloads and streaming, but their experience may be degraded.

As a reminder, the Winston Privacy Terms of Service prohibit use of the Winston network for illegal activities, including violating intellectual property rights.  See our Terms of Service for more details.