Google WiFi routers have an internal DNS server that interferes with Winston and needs to be manually set via the Google WiFi app.

To access the DNS setting page, in the Google WiFi app, follow these steps:

Navigate to:

  • Network & General -->
  • Advanced networking -->
  • DNS
  • Update the third option, Custom, setting the primary server to
  • If Winston is not detected during the setup process or by the dashboard, you may need to reboot your system: Disconnect from your WiFi, close your browser fully, and unplug your modem and router. Then plug your modem back in and let it fully restart. Then plug your router back in and let it restart. Then reconnect to WiFi and proceed.

Please note that:

1) Using the ISP's DNS is not sufficient. You must select the third, Custom, setting, like this

2) IPv6 is not used. If you are using the Android app and when selecting Custom, if it requires you to enter an IPv6 server, that means that you have IPv6 enabled. You must disable IPv6 by following these steps:

  • Settings

  • Network & General

  • Advanced networking

  • IPv6 - toggle this OFF