These are the top 5 reasons Winston may not be found during the setup process or by the dashboard

1) Your Winston may be updating and rebooting

This will happen within a few minutes of initially installing Winston or during firmware releases. If your Winston is not pulsing purple, wait 60 seconds and try again. (Please note: If your Winston Serial Number begins with "WPE-1912" or is from our Pilot program, this process may take up to 10 minutes.)

2) You are connected to the wrong WiFi network

Make sure you are connected to the correct WiFi network. Winston will only be found on a network that is connected to its LAN port. 

3) Your DNS isn't properly updated across your devices

Check the connections and reboot your system in this order: 

a) Keep Winston powered on

b) Make sure the WAN port of your Winston is connected to your modem and the Ethernet cables are connected securely, clicking into place

c) Make sure the LAN port of your Winston is connected to your router's In/Internet/WAN port (the globe symbol) and the Ethernet cables are connected securely, clicking into place

d) On your computer, disconnect from your WiFi network

e) Completely close your browser

f) Unplug your modem from power

g) Unplug your router from power

h) Plug your modem into power, wait for it to restart completely

i) Wait 10 minutes. This will allow your Winston to get the latest update and reboot.

j) Plug your router into power and wait for it to restart completely

k) Reconnect your computer to your WiFi network

l) Re-open your browser

4) Your router's DNS server is getting in the way of finding Winston

This is true particularly frequently for some WiFi mesh routers and gaming routers.

Log into your router following your router's instruction guide and set it's DNS primary server to If this still does not work, you may need to disconnect from WiFi, close your browser completely, and power off your router. Then, restart your router and reconnect to WiFi.

Note: must set a CUSTOM DNS setting, not just rely on the ISP's DNS that your router finds, even though it may also be

Routers that we are aware need this change include:

  • Velop

  • Linksys WRT 1900ACS

  • pfSense

  • Ubiquity

5) You have an active VPN on your network

Any VPN must be disabled in order for you to access the Winston dashboard.