Yes, it will begin with functionality that we anticipate will be available by the end of April 2020. Winston's WAN port would connect to the DSL modem's RJ45 output, and your router would connect to the LAN port on Winston.

Meantime, we do have a way you can set Winston up now. Your setup will end up looking like this:

Wall jack --> router 1 --> WAN port - Winston - LAN port --> [either a single computer] or [a separate router (router 2)--> multiple computers and devices]

There is some additional configuration you may wish to do to your router 1:

Ideally, you'll log in to this router and set it to Bridge mode. If that's not possible or if it doesn't work for your internet provider, you can instead turn its firewall off and open ports 7777 and 7776 TCP/UDP*.

*If your router requires that you define the IP address to which you are opening ports 7777 and 7776:
1) connect Winston's WAN port to your router and plug Winston in.
2) attach a computer directly to Winston's LAN port
3) Power cycle your router 1
4) Identify the IP address that your router is giving Winston here: That will return something like this: {"interface":"lan0","addresses":["]} .The bolded portion ( in this case) is the IP address that your router is giving Winston, and that you should use when opening ports 7777 and 7776.

If you don't do any of the steps above and just plug Winston directly into your router, you'll still get all of Winston's privacy protections other than the Distributed Privacy Mesh Network for IP scrambling.

Once you've made these changes and Winston is attached (its WAN port) and powered up, you should unplug this router, wait 60 seconds, and plug it back in so it recognizes Winston.

As mentioned above, easier installation of Winston with PPPoE is coming soon.  Thank you for your patience!