The PlayStation Network (PSN) on the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) will occasionally sign out,  requiring that the PS3 User runs one of the following workarounds: Internet Connection Test or reboot the PS3.  The reason for PSN signing out is that the PS3 stops sending the following request to the PSN:  The two proposed workarounds will cause the PS3 to send the proper login request.

Workaround 1, Run Internet Connection Test:

The User can re-enable the ability to sign onto the PSN by first running the Internet Connection Test as a workaround. 

Navigate to Settings select Internet Connection Test.  The test PS3 will run the test sequence and you will see the the third item down, PlayStation Network , show status Succeeded. The  PS3 Manual gives more details about this test.  After the PSN test succeeds, navigate to sign into the PSN, and instructions on this procedure are in the following section of the PS3 Manual

Workaround 2,  reboot the PS3:

 Reboot the PS3 with one of the following three methods:

  1. Long press the PS button button on the middle of the PS3 Controller, and select Turn Off System.  After the PS3 shuts down, long press the middle PS button on the Controller in order to turn on the PS3.

  2.  Long press the Power button on the top-front of the PS3 Console, and the system will shut down.  Press the Power button on the top-front of the PS3 Console, and the system will turn on.

  3.  Navigate the XMB menu and follow the instructions in the PS3 Manual.

The PS3 will power up and be logged into the PSN.