Browser extensions like adblockers keep ads from appearing on your screen, but they don’t prevent you from being watched, or your data from being collected and stored. They also can’t protect you from being tracked by the ever-increasing number of smart home devices on your home network – from smart speakers to game systems to smart TVs to smart thermostats. Winston does all of the above.

Some ad blockers only strip visible advertising from the web pages you visit while leaving the underlying tracking technologies in place, even when you use privacy-protection plugins or scripts. Winston removes all the underlying tracking technologies.

Ad blockers typically do not work well, if at all, on cell phones and other devices, whereas Winston works on all the devices on your entire network.

Advertisers pay ad blocking companies to bypass their blocklists, whereas with Winston you can control your own block lists in addition to the daily updates you’ll receive as part of your subscription. Most importantly, Winston is paid for by YOU and does not accept any such data sharing deals. Remember, if the product is free, you’re the product.

Also, ad blockers use up memory, slowing down your computer and occasionally crashing your browser as they run. In contrast, Winston speeds up your web browsing by blocking tracking scripts. 

After setting up Winston, we recommend uninstalling or disabling any ad blockers that you may be using while on the Winston network as they are not adding any functionality beyond what Winston provides and are just slowing your browsing experience.