The current generation of Winston devices incorporate the following specifications.

Hardware specifications:

  • Processor: Dual Core, 1.2GHz ARM A53 CPU, 64Bit Marvell Armada

  • Memory: 1 GB DDR4, 800 MHz RAM

  • Networking interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45 Connector) on both WAN and LAN with realized throughput rates exceeding 600Mbps.

Throughput on the Distributed Privacy Mesh Network is different. It generally comes down to the combined bandwidth of all encrypted connections which are open at the time. As an example, if Winston is connected to 30 nodes and a website you are on uses 10 of those, then your effective bandwidth will be the sum of all those 10 nodes. This limitation does not apply to whitelisted sites or streaming, which will be closer to your native internet speed.

Winston's performance will also be affected by the number of devices and applications actively running on a network. It's designed to easily handle a workload of a typical home network with multiple laptops, phones, tablets and smart devices.

  • Power adapter: 100-240v switching power adapter.

  • Operating temperature: Winston is for indoor use only. Environmental temperatures shouldn't exceed 40C (104F) or fall below 0 C (32F).

  • Manufacturing location: We've been careful to work only with extensively-vetted suppliers and partners. We use chips and parts supplied by Marvell, a reputable, US based company, and the boards are assembled in China. Final assembly is handled in California.


Software specifications

  • Operating System: Linux

  • Firmware/core Winston service: Go (Golang)

  • Encryption: Winston uses AES-128 encryption to secure the network. This is the strongest level of cryptography we are legally allowed to export outside of the US. For DNS messaging, it is decrypted at the end server (ie: Cloudflare)