Most sites complete loading significantly faster when using Winston due to the elimination of resource-intensive tracking scripts and reduced load on your browser.

Winston routes your traffic through other devices to mask your IP address, incurring a barely perceptible increase in latency of about 40-50 milliseconds. However, your internet will tend to feel much faster because Winston blocks so many of the trackers that bog down your Internet connection. This reduces the amount of bandwidth consumed by browsers and other devices by 45% on average.

A benchmark crawl of the Quantcast Top 500 US sites using our version 1.0.6 firmware resulted in an average reduction in page load time of 44% and a reduction in data utilization by 66%. Slow sites with lots of third-party tracking ran up to 95% faster. Fast, well-optimized sites which make use of little or no tracking run slightly slower (a few seconds) though these sites make up a small percentage of the internet.