Most sites will work natively with Winston. However, should you wish to support particular sites via advertising, share your location or other personal data, or fix broken functionality, it's easy to to do. Please note that once you allow a site on your network, it can freely share information with third parties until you reset it or its time expires.

Via the Winston Browser Extension:

When you are on a website you want to whitelist, easily whitelist the site via the Winston browser extension:

Click the Winston badge in the top right corner of your browser:


Select the toggle on the bottom right of the extension and amount of time you'd like to allow trackers on the domain you're using.


Via the Winston Dashboard:

You can also whitelist a site via the dashboard, which is available at From there, select the Privacy Settings tab. You can also directly visit the Privacy Settings page at

First, click "Add Domain

Then, add the url for the domain you'd like to whitelist.  Be sure "whitelist" is selected from the dropdown, then click "Save".

You can review all whitelisted sites via the dropdowns next to the search bar.  Select "whitelist" in the first dropdown, and from there you can filter by domains personally added, domains added via modules, or domains whitelisted via filters.