The only data Winston Privacy collects is your purchase/order and subscription information, and we do not share or sell it. In the case of a legal subpoena, we would be forced to comply, but as we do not log any data, we simply don't have anything other than order and subscription information to share. 

The data visible on your Winston Dashboard is stored locally on your Winston, making the Winston Dashboard only viewable while on your Winston network. Winston Privacy does not log or have any involvement in any Internet activity which goes over the Distributed Privacy Mesh network. In fact, we designed our technology specifically so that we cannot see or decrypt your internet activity (similar to Telegram and Signal).

Your personal internet activity is retained on your local Winston for up to seven days so that you can see what sites attempted to track you. This information is stored only on your device and is never exposed to Winston Privacy or the Internet. After 7 days, your data is automatically deleted from your local Winston device. 

We believe you have the right to live your life without being watched, packaged, and sold. That dedication to privacy is applied to every aspect of our business, which is why Winston is truly a zero-knowledge platform. That means there is no logging or knowledge of your internet activity by anyone other than you. Our only product is the Winston device – not you.