Why not just use a Pi-Hole?


Winston goes far beyond Pi-Hole, even without the browser extensions we offer for Firefox and Chrome.

A Pi-Hole provides the ability for you to specify domains to block and ad-blocking. But for ad-blocking it provides just host blocking.

Even without the browser extensions and for non-Firefox, non-Chrome clients, Winston provides this additional protection which Pi-Hole does not:

- Ad blocking based on request filtering, which is much more accurate than the host blocking which Pi-Hole provides

- DNS encryption, with protection against DNS rebinding attacks.

- A customizable, automatically updated blocklist of tracking and malware sites, to which you can add from well-known third-party blocklists and filters

- Distributed Privacy Mesh Network for anonymization

- A firewall

 In addition, Winston adds these with the browser extension, currently available for Firefox and Chrome:

- Traffic analysis to analyze privacy risk and change security policies, modifying cookies intelligently and blocking risky connections

- Anti-fingerprinting

- On-the-fly whitelisting

 Plus, with Winston, you're not managing a system of hardware and extensions on your own that may or may not work well together.

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