Domains that need to be whitelisted in order for certain websites and apps to fully function properly


Certain apps and websites will require domains to be whitelisted in order to fully function properly. It is your choice to use those sites or not. This is not an issue with Winston, but a requirement of the way those apps and sites work.

For your convenience, we are providing this list of domains that are not included in the standard list of Allowed domains that is updated in Winston regularly, that we have found that need to be whitelisted in order to function properly.

Though you can whitelist an entire domain for certain apps and devices to function properly, you can sometimes limit whitelisting to a specific URL and achieve the same effect.  We have identified these specific URLs, for example:

  • Tap Sports Baseball:
  • Xfinity iOS streaming app: (In order for it to consistently recognize you at home)
  • and

For many domains and apps, the main domain will need to be whitelisted in order to fully function. Note that for websites, you can easily use the Winston Browser Extension to allow a domain on the fly:

  • Most banking sites


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