Unable to load the Winston Dashboard with an Apple AirPort router


Some Apple routers require modification of their settings in order to access the Winston dashboard at my.winstonprivacy.com. 

1) Click the icon representing Airport

2) Click Edit


3) Select the Internet tab

4) Under Primary DNS Server enter and click Update


Additional Option: Bridge Mode to avoid Double NAT

With Winston installed, AirPort will offer a warning that your system has Double NAT. You can set the AirPort into Bridge mode to remove a layer of NAT.

In addition to the steps listed above, under the Network tab set Router Mode to Off (Bridge Mode) and click Update.

Note: Winston has a DHCP Server and will serve addresses to devices connected to the AirPort after changing to Bridge mode. 


Note: DHCP mode (NOT Recommended)

In the event you have a unique setup and need DHCP mode, note that Apple AirPort routers prevent resolution of the Winston dashboard while in "DHCP and NAT" mode but works fine in "DHCP" mode. To update the mode on an Apple AirPort:

1) Select the Network Tab

2) Select "DHCP only" and click Update

Note: We do not recommend DHCP only, because it does not allow a proper range of IP addresses. Winston will assign to your AirPort, and then you can only select AirPort to serve

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