Known Issue: Some connected devices not functioning properly with Winston


We have recently discovered an issue affecting Winston up to v1.0.4 which is impacting internet connected devices making use of unencrypted or improper HTTP protocols.

Devices known to be affected:

  • Tivo - all functionality
  • Alexa - functionality to control some connected devices
  • Facetime - Dropping connections
  • Roblox - Inability to connect
  • Fallout 76 / Xbox - Inability to download updates or connect


Winston v1.0.5 (Feb 2019) contains an important hotfix which restores functionality to most devices sending unencrypted HTTP-compliant requests.

Devices which send encrypted requests which do not meet modern HTTP standards (ie: malformed headers) are expected to be addressed in Winston v1.0.6 (Mar 2019).


To temporarily restore connectivity while we address these issues, please navigate to winston.conf -> Privacy Settings -> Advanced Settings and disable "Intercept port 80 (HTTP) requests" and save your settings.

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