How to allow (whitelist) sites


Most sites will work natively with Winston in both Standard or Ultra privacy mode. However, should you wish to support particular sites via advertising, share your location or other personal data, or fix broken functionality, it's easy to to do. Please note that once you allow a site on your network, it can freely share information with third parties until you reset it or its time expires.

In standard mode, the Winston toolbar will appear as you browse HTTP sites. In Ultra mode, it will also appear on HTTPS sites. To whitelist a site, click the Winston badge and select one of the options in the popup menu:


You can also manually whitelist sites by navigating to your local Winston website and clicking the "Privacy Settings" menu (or click on http://winston.conf/pages/privacy). Once there, click "Add Website" and type in the domain name of the website to allow on your network. Select the time to allow the site for and apply your settings.



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